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Roca’s Forest

With the slogan “Let us plant the seed for a better future”, Roca aims to contribute to the protection of the planet by encouraging the active support of this environmental campaign.

Thus, jointly with the NGO Tree-Nation, we have created “Roca’s Forest” to support reforestation projects in Spain, France, India, Brazil and Thailand.

With this initiative, Roca…

…has planted over

5.000 trees

…has offset over

644 tons of CO2



Trees for tribals

Amount: 420 trees
Species: Bauhinia purpurea



Amount: 200 trees
Species: Albizia hassleri

Amount: 100 trees
Species: Solanum Bullatun


ARBA Sistema Litoral

Amount: 279 trees
Species: Querqus ilex


Agroforestry in Bourgogne

Amount: 500 trees
Species: Sorbus Domestica

Amount: 400 trees
Species: Viburnum lantana

Amount: 605 trees
Species: Prunus spinosa


Conserve Natural Forests

Amount: 500 trees
Species: Tecoma stans

Amount: 2000 trees
Species: Dolichandrome serrulata

Roca’s Commitment

At Roca we work to reduce our carbon footprint and we seek new formulas to reduce the environmental impact of our everyday activity.

Trees play a decisive role in our ecosystem and cutting them down has devastating effects. Deforestation is a problem that affects us all.

Trees absorb the CO2 in the atmosphere and store it. One single tree can offset up to 250 kg of CO2 over its lifetime.

If you wish to create your own forest visit Tree-Nation

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